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2019 Line-up

15 companies, 38 performances, 3 cities.
Here is the 2019 Incoming Festival Line-up.
See the full schedule here.


by Malaprop

This is a show about memory (but not nostalgia). Come see ex-lovers argue about when they were happiest. Come see police officers rewrite history. They don't mean to, but the do. Come see Rasputin dance like no one’s watching. Also, the Queen is there.

We’re going to feed the present to the past. It’s a kind of ritual. A kind of sacrifice. Memory always is.

MALAPROP return to Incoming with their Edinburgh Fringe hit, Everything Not Saved. 

LONDON: Monday 24 June, 7pm
MANCHESTER: Wednesday 26 June, 8.30pm


by Chalk Line Theatre

Testament is an award-winning play exploring suicide, loss and guilt.

In the beginning God created the heavens and Earth and... Max! Max is in a car crash with his brother and his girlfriend Tess, who dies in the accident. Following the loss of Tess, he tries to commit suicide and fails, but when he wakes up, he believes she is still alive, leaving him left questioning what happened. Answers appear as apparitions of modernised biblical characters, aiding Max in his discovery or tempting him away. His only hope of recovery lies in the hands of his brother, Chris.  

LONDON: Wednesday 26 June, 8.30pm
MANCHESTER: Tuesday 25 June, 7pm
BRISTOL: Friday 28 June, 8.30pm


by Burnt Lemon Theatre

Us three. Gigging. The G Stringz. It could be more than a pub tour. The G Stringz are a punk rock girl band on the pub tour of their twenties. 15 pubs down, 150 pints downed – each!

In one final bid for a bit of recognition, the girls have to whip out every trick in the book. And it’s a big, dirty, bitch of a book. We can’t promise personal comfort or safety. But we can promise the prerogative to have a little fun.

MANCHESTER: Monday 24 June, 7pm
BRISTOL: Sunday 30 June, 8.30pm


by W I L D C A R D

"We are a blip. A speck of dust.
To be wiped off the face of time
 like you might a bike chain’s rust.
But to each of us, we are everything.”

Electrolyte is a multi-award-winning piece of gig theatre that powerfully explores mental health for a contemporary audience. Written in spoken word poetry and underscored by original music ranging from “blasts of sound to lyrical sweetness”, this “unstoppable” production is performed by six multi-instrumentalists who seamlessly integrate live music with expert storytelling.

Electrolyte is the winner of the Mental Health Fringe Award, The Stepladder Award, The LET Award, The Voice Mag Pick of The Fringe Award and the Pleasance Best Newcomer Award 2018.

LONDON: Friday 28 June, 8.30pm
MANCHESTER: Sunday 30 June, 8.30pm
BRISTOL: Saturday 29 June, 7pm


by The PappyShow

GIRLS brings you the stories of our sisters, daughters, mothers, nanas, aunts, lovers, best friends – the queens who have touched our lives. Devised by a chorus of women whose ages range from 17 to 70, this is a whole-hearted dance, investigating what it means to be a woman now, through the lived experience of our girls.

GIRLS will bring you the complex yet joyous stories of their sisters, daughters, mothers, nanas, aunts, lovers, best friends – the queens who have transformed their lives.

 GIRLS explores womanhood in 2019, through our own stories.

LONDON: Saturday 29 June, 7pm
MANCHESTER: Friday 28 June, 7pm


by Sleepless Theatre Company

What would happen if most self-identifying women across the world grew to be nine foot tall?

Cara and Nate are a hard-working young couple looking to start a family. They’re bumbling through the daunting world of pregnancy tests, maternity clothes and flat-pack cot-building, all the while trying to come to grips with having to create an actual human person. That is, until suddenly, inexplicably, a vast proportion of all the women in the world start to grow.

Nine Foot Nine will be fully captioned throughout the run.

“A blast of intelligent and challenging energy” – The List

LONDON: Sunday 30 June, 7pm
MANCHESTER: Saturday 29 June, 8.30pm
BRISTOL: Thursday 27 June, 8.30pm


by This Noise

Two planes in the sky moving towards each other very slowly. A speck between them. What a relief it would be to just see something. Anything.

 A “romance for the age of anxiety” (Matt Trueman), No One is Coming to Save You takes place over one night in the minds of two insomniacs. She sits in the dark staring at a glass. He is watching TV in a language he can’t understand.

 Made by experimental theatre company This Noise, it’s about the garish places our minds rush to when left alone. It’s about hope, violence and the wait for morning.  

LONDON: Thursday 27 June, 8.30pm
MANCHESTER: Sunday 30 June, 8.30pm
BRISTOL: Friday 28 June, 7pm


by Strictly Arts Theatre Company

“Freeman is a revelation, a piece of stunning physical theatre” – The Guardian ★★★★★

Winner of a Spirit of the Fringe Award and shortlisted for Amnesty International’s Freedom of Expression Award, Freeman is inspired by the first man in America to plead Insanity as his defence and sees writer Camilla Whitehill (Where Do Little Birds Go?) and Strictly Arts examine the unspoken link between mental health and systemic racism. Throughout time and across waters, from William Freeman to Sarah Reed, six true stories are threaded together and told through physical theatre, spoken word, gospel singing, shadow puppetry and more.  

LONDON: Friday 28 June, 7pm
MANCHESTER: Monday 24 June, 8.30pm
BRISTOL: Thursday 27 June, 7pm


by Police Cops

Hot off the back of sell-out runs at Edinburgh Fringe '16, '17, '18 and Soho Theatre London, multi-award-winning company POLICE COPS bring you their latest comedy blockbuster: Badass Be Thy Name.

MANCHESTER 1999. A gritty Northern kitchen-sink drama turns into a vampire slaying horror epic. Complete with a 90s rave soundtrack, supercharged physical comedy and more vampires that you can shake a stake at.

★★★★★ The Stage

 “I paid £12... I would have paid £13” – Dara O’Briain

LONDON: Tuesday 25 June, 7pm
MANCHESTER: Wednesday 26 June, 7pm


by Sounds Like Chaos

Let’s plug in to the global nervous system and harness the co-evolution of humans and technology. We must all connect to the network and keep, keep, keep, clicking to optimise our experience.

In progress we trust
The future is here.
We are in it.
Everything is amazing.

SOUNDS LIKE CHAOS's latest production is a sci-fi hallucinatory madness, set in the new church of the future. Through an original score, which spans gospel to hip-hop combined with ambitious film, they return with their unique style to explode the timely question: is technology shaping us or are we shaping it?  

LONDON: Monday 24 June, 8.30pm
MANCHESTER: Saturday 29 June, 7pm
BRISTOL: Sunday 30 June, 7pm


by Sh!t Theatre

Celebrating their final year as Europeans, island-monkeys Becca and Louise got invited to the 2018 European Capital of Culture in Malta, having missed out on Hull last year. They went to drink rum with Brits abroad but found a lot more than they expected. Lads on tour Sh!t Theatre want to talk about home, your home, what we are doing in your home, what you might be doing in our home and how cheap the beers are. From our small island in the sea to another small island in the sea, Sh!t Theatre found mystery and murder in the fight to be European.

Finally, the work-in-progress of an experimental fringe theatre show about Malta that you’ve all been waiting for! 

LONDON: Tuesday 25 June, 8.30pm
BRISTOL: Wednesday 26 June, 7pm


by Lost Watch

“SOME PEOPLE ARE ON THE PITCH,” yells the BBC commentator in the last seconds of the 1966 World Cup final.

In the fever that follows, flagging underwear company, Admiral, strike a deal designing the away kit for ultimate heavyweights, Leeds United. All they need now is someone to design it.

Lindsay has just graduated art school, shining with talent and a cut above her peers. Luckily for football, the art world isn’t quite ready for her. And perhaps, for that matter, neither is football. Collars, chevrons, sashes and nylon. Fashion in football is born! 

LONDON: Sunday 30 June, 8.30pm
MANCHESTER: Wednesday 26 June, 8.30pm
BRISTOL: Friday 28 June, 8.30pm


by Zanetti Productions

Following her grandmother’s death, a girl faces the overwhelming task of clearing out the basement. She discovers a series of mysterious tape recordings made by her Grandmother. As she hears these tapes for the first time, things start to unravel...

Twin Peaks meets Serial in this Fringe First-winning New Zealand mystery, which combines the immediacy of physical performance with the imaginative capabilities of audio recording.

 “Impressive one-hander that unearths a family secret that blurs the lines between reality, memory and much more…"  ★★★★★ – The Skinny

Winner: Fringe First, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018
Winner: The Stage Award for Outstanding Performance: Stella Reid

LONDON: Thursday 27 June, 7pm
MANCHESTER: Tuesday 25 June, 8.30pm
BRISTOL: Saturday 29 June, 8.30pm


by Ugly Bucket

Everyone says university is the best three years of your life! So what happens next?

Based on the true experiences told by graduates, join three clowns as they leave the comfort of student life behind and enter the real world. A world full of expectation, proper jobs, and council tax.

Bost-Uni Plues is an explosion of energy, honesty, dance, physical theatre, techno, and plain silliness that explores post-graduate life through the good, the bad and the ugly. Because when you’re told that the best three years of your life are behind you, what else is left other than post-uni blues? 

LONDON: Wednesday 26 June, 7pm 
MANCHESTER: Thursday 27 June 7pm


by Collide

In the course of one night a beloved son turns into a hated freak. But is he really different? Is there a reason for his family to be so appalled?

This is Gregor Samsa’s story.

It is also the story of anyone who has been made to feel like vermin.

Director Emily Louizou adapts Kafka’s classic novella into a dance-theatre piece about being young and being made to feel alien by the people closest to you. This is not a piece about a man turning into an insect, but a piece about a family ostracising their own child.

LONDON: Saturday 29 June, 8.30pm
MANCHESTER: Thursday 27 June, 8.30pm


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